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ROBO-HOBO Harmonica Microphone
Price: £28.00

  The guts of Little Walter inside the shell of R2-D2 What we have developed here is an inexpensive yet effective harmonica mi...



Hohner Marine Band Crossover Harmonica
Price: £49.99

Hohner Harmonicas for sale at Honkin' Harmonica Shop UK The all-new Diatonic Hohner Marine Band Crossover With the Crossover we...



Shure 575S Harmonica Microphone
Price: £85.00

Honkin' Tom's got another great vintage harp mic for ya! Boxed and untouched from the 60's, this harp mic is a minter. ...



Tweed busking amp 5w

5w Vintage Style Mini Mp3 Portable Busking Amp

£28.99View Details

Akai DM-13 Microphone for Blues Harp

£72.00View Details

Alctron Bullet Harmonica Microphone

£59.99View Details

Beyer M55 Vintage Harp Mic

£79.00View Details
Blue ICE USB Recording Bullet Microphone

Blue ICE USB Recording Bullet Microphone

£49.99View Details
Harmonica casegear box

Blues Man’s Harmonica Gear Case

£12.99View Details

Blues Starter Pack for Harmonica Beginners

£13.99View Details

Chord ‘Blues Ten’ 12 Diatonic Harmonica set

£64.00View Details
chord chroma chromatic harmonica

Chord ‘Chroma’ Chromatic Harmonica

£35.00View Details
Chord harmonica amplifier

Chord 10w Harmonica/ Guitar Amp

£42.00View Details

Crystal Palm Microphone for Harmonica

£17.50View Details
harmonica harness holder

Diatonic Harmonica Holder/Harness

£9.99View Details
Dual-Z harmonica microphone

Dual-Z Harmonica microphone

£24.00View Details
Eagle Dual-z harmonica microphone for sale

Eagle Dual-Z Microphone for Harmonica

£34.00View Details

Eagle Impedance Matching Microphone Transformer

£9.99View Details

Engraved Harmonica Gift Idea. Key of C.

£25.99View Details
Engraved Mini Harmonica Gift Idea. Leather necklace

Engraved Mini Harmonica Gift Idea with Leather Strap

£15.99View Details
vintage little walter microphone

Fentone ‘Little Walter’ Vintage Harmonica Microphone

£60.00View Details

Grundig 312 Hi-Z Pencil Harp Mic

£55.00View Details

Harmonica player’s personalised T-Shirt Gift

£14.99View Details

Hohner Blues Bender Diatonic Harmonica

£22.50View Details
Hohner blues harp MS diatonic

Hohner Blues Harp MS Diatonic Harmonica

£28.00View Details
Hohner Bob Dylan Signature Series Harmonica

Hohner Bob Dylan Signature Series Harmonica

£67.99View Details

Hohner Flexrack Harmonica Harness

£49.99View Details
hohner golden melody harmonica

Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica

£31.49View Details
Hohner soft harmonica case gift

Hohner Harmonica Soft Case

£15.99View Details
Hohner special 20 diatonic harmonica

HOHNER Harmonica Special 20 HM

£28.00View Details
Hohner harmonica Belt

Hohner Harp Belt

£26.99View Details
hohner marine band crossover

Hohner Marine Band Crossover Harmonica

£49.99View Details

Hohner Marine Band Deluxe Harmonica

£45.00View Details
Hohner Marine Band Diatonic Harmonica

Hohner Marine Band Diatonic Harmonica

£28.00View Details

Hohner Ozzy Osbourne Signature Harp – Harmonica

£59.99View Details
Hohner pro harp diatonic harmonica

Hohner Pro Harp Diatonic Harmonica

£30.00View Details

Hohner Rocket Harmonica

£41.00View Details
hohner traveller harmonica

Hohner Traveller Harmonica

£13.99View Details
Honkin Harmonica t-shirt

Honkin’ Harmonica Shop T-Shirt

£12.99View Details
tweed harmonica amp all valve

Honkin’ Tom’s ‘Super Chump’ 5w Class-A Valve Harmonica Amp

£295.00View Details
15w tweed harp amp harmonica amplifier

Honkin’ Tom’s Vintage 15g Tweed Amplifier

£46.99View Details
SILVERTONE DELUXE the perfect harp for Blues & Jazz

HUANG Silvertone Deluxe Harmonica

£15.00View Details
John Lennon Imagine Signature Series harmonica

John Lennon ‘Imagine’ Signature Series Harmonica

£59.99View Details

Johnny Brook Delay Pedal

£32.00View Details
lee oskar major diatonic harmonica for sale

Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic

£29.99View Details
lee oskar harmonica tool kit

Lee Oskar Harmonica Tool Kit

£30.99View Details
harplock harmonica holder harness hands free

Magnetic Harmonica Holder by HarpLock

£24.99View Details
Blues harmonica mini pocket amplifier for amplified harp

Mini Amplifier for Blues Harmonica

£21.99View Details

Piezo DX-75 Hi-Z Harp Mic

£65.00View Details

Realistic Highball 2. James Cotton Mic Copy

£60.00View Details
robo harmonica microphone for sale

ROBO-HOBO Harmonica Microphone

£28.00View Details
Seydel Big Six diatonic harmonica

Seydel Big Six Blues Harmonica

£22.79View Details

Seydel padded harmonica soft case -14 blues harps

£18.50View Details
seydel session diatonic harmonica

SEYDEL Session Diatonic Harmonica

£26.99View Details
Shure 520DX Green Bullet Harmonica Microphone

Shure 520DX Green Bullet Harmonica Microphone

£135.99View Details

Shure 560 Bullet Harp Microphone

£99.00View Details
shure 575s vintage harmonica microphone

Shure 575S Harmonica Microphone

£85.00View Details
vintage crystal microphone, harp mic

Slim Crystal Vintage Microphone

£55.00View Details
Sonnyboy vintage style bluesman beginner harmonica

Sonnyboy Bluesman Vintage Harmonica for Beginners

£35.00View Details
SonnyBoy diatonic harmonica set 7 for sale

SonnyBoy Special 7 and 12 Harmonica Case Set

£89.00View Details
SonnyBoy blues diatonic harmonica for sale

SonnyBoy Special Blues Harmonica

£20.00View Details

SonnyBoy’s Bluesman ‘Vintage’ Harmonica

£9.00View Details

SonnyBoy’s Mojo Harmonica

£23.00View Details
guitar lead for robo hobo microphone to amplifier

Standard 3m Guitar Lead for Robo-Hobo Mic

£4.99View Details
Superlux harmonica microphone

Superlux D112/C Harmonica Microphone

£52.00View Details
Swan Mini Gift Harmonica

Swan Mini Gift Harmonica

£4.99View Details

Vintage Akai ADM-6 Hi-Z Harmonica Microphone

£59.00View Details
VOM Ceramic mic-medium

Voice of Music ‘Silver Bullet’ Ceramic Harp Mic

£79.00View Details

About Honkin Harmonica

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Welcome to Honkin’ Harmonica Shop. It all started…….

A long time ago I visited the grave of the late great Little Walter; the best blues harp player there ever was, period.  I closed my eyes and spoke to Walter; I said “Walter, how can I ever be as good a blues harmonica player as you?”

He said “Son, you can’t, but what you can do is spread the word of the most unique sounding instrument known to man, tell people about the Harmonica, tell people how great it sound when it’s amplified, you do remember I was the first to play harmonica using a mic through a guitar amp don’t ya? “Yes I replied”.

Walter continued “Help em to learn how to play, , help em choose the right microphone, make sure they look after their equipment, answer their questions, but there is one golden rule you must stick to; if they ain’t got the blues you can’t help em”.

I understood what Little Walter was saying and nodded to myself whilst muttering under my breath “If you ain’t got the blues you ain’t got no place foolin’ with it that’s for sure”.

Back home I thought long and hard about what Little Walter had said to me that day, how could I spread the word? Then it came to me suddenly,  ‘Honkin’ Harmonica Shop’, that’s how.

Hopefully I can help all blues harp players with everything they need, but don’t worry, I know you already got the blues, that’s why your here!

Honkin’ Tom

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Our Products

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of harmonica do you play to get that bluesy sound?

Easy, ditch your cheap 40 hole round the camp fire harmonica that you tried to play the Rocky theme tune on, it ain’t gonna work, you need a diatonic harmonica, they only come with 10 holes. This is all I play and pretty much all I sell.

Why does my amplifier feedback?

This is the harmonica players curse, it is difficult to control but here’s some tips. You may have either too much Hi or Low on the tone dial maybe but more often than not your too close or facing your amp, take a step back. Also you may be trying to play too loud, see next question.

When I play with a band I am never loud enough, why?

Bands with  drums and strutting guitarists will always smother the harp player, if you try to crank up the volume of your amp it will feedback, fact. Your band simply won’t turn down you set your amp to its best tone and mic it up, run a lead to the PA where the singer is screaming his guts into and trace your harp out the speakers, but remember don’t stand in front of them or face them either.

How do I clean a harmonica?

Some leave their blues harmonicas in a glass of water over night but if you forget you have a wood comb harp you will wake up and it will be twice the size. Simply tap and wipe your harmonica during and after use. Don’t go poking too far but you can remove some build up with a small screw driver of something of a similar shape.

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